Die renommierten Geigenbaumeister

Der in Füssen geborene Geigenbauer Franziskus Plazidus - später Francois Fendt (1733-91), Sohn von Michael Fendt (1702-??), Schlosser und Uhrenmacher, lies sich 1763 in Paris nieder und gilt als einer der bekanntesten französischen Geigenbaumeister im 18. Jahrhundert. Er war ein Schüler von A. Gedler.

Biography of Francois Fent / A Dictionary of Violin Makers (Author: Cecie Stainer)
Best known in France as Fent. A German maker who settled in Paris and was living there " cul-de-sac St.-Pierre, rue Montmartre," about 1763-91. In his time he had the reputation of being one of the cleverest makers in Paris ; he carefully studied Italian instruments, particularly those of Ant. Stradivari; he used a beautiful red-brown oil varnish which, with the progress of time, has become almost black ; his instruments are also much worm-eaten, but have a rich tone. His label,'' Fait par Fent, maitre luthier, rue Montmartre, cul-de-sac Saint-Pierre, a Paris," was found in a violin which might be mistaken for a most beautiful Italian instrument; the dimensions are exactly the same as those of a violin of Ant. Stradivari ; the work is carefully finished, the wood excellent, and the tone very good, the original neck and scroll are still in place. An alto has also been seen and a violin, dated 1774, repaired by Delannoy, of Lille, in 1828.

Bernhard Fendt (1756-1832), "der in London zu hohem Ansehen gelangte", hat seine Ausbildung bei seinem Onkel Francois Fendt in Paris erhalten, ehe er sich in der englischen Hauptstadt selbstständig machte.

Auch seine Söhne Bernhard Simon Fendt (II) (1800-52) und Jacob Fendt (1815-1849) waren überragende Geigenbaumeister ihrer Zeit. Insbesondere die Instrumente von Jakob Fendt , „the best of his family“, erfreuen sich noch heute allerhöchster Wertschätzung. „He .. made beautiful and very highly finished work, which is considered likely to take advanced rank yet” (Old Violins And Their Makers, J.M. Fleming, 1890).

Geige von Jacob Fendt

4/4 Geige von Jacob Fendt, London, 1815 (in Privatbesitz)

Geige von Jacob Fendt

Geige von Jacob Fendt

Jacob Fendt, London, 1815 Herstellerkennzeichnung

340 items auctioned, 81 instruments illustrated, including violins by George Kloz, Antonius and Hieronymus Amati, Gabrielli, Tecchler, Joseph Gagliano, Andrea Guarneri, Jacob Fendt, Guadagnini, Testore, Joseph Rocca, Joseph Guarneri del Gesu and Omobono Stradivari, and cellos by Panormo, Kennedy, a patent cello by Thomas Howell and Vuillaume.

FENDT, BERNARD SIMON Very Fine English Violin in a near perfect state of preservation: London, c. 1830
W.E. Hill & Sons, London, January 15, 1907) Ģ 18,000/22,500

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